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Inmob, winner of the ANR labcom call for projects in 2020, is interested in the mobility of visually impaired people by co-constructing research with specialized associations. The contacts made have revealed the need to strengthen the mechanisms and capacities for dialogue of the GEOLOC laboratory with these field actors.

The ACCESS project aims to improve the means of communication, particularly with the visually impaired who participate in the experiments, and to enrich the quality of relations between researchers and citizens. The aim is to make scientific work more accessible through communication adapted to these audiences, to stimulate exchanges and to develop knowledge between the two communities.

Successful interaction with the members of the associations is an important key to the success of the project to go as far as personalized guidance applications adapted to disabilities.

This project is financed by the i-site FUTURE, it is part of the 10 Citizen Researcher projects selected for 2022.

Citizen partner of the project: Association CLISSAA Voir et Agir.


ContacT: Céline RAGOIN -