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geolocalized meeting for logistik application

LOGIDEK project aims at developing both a web and smartphone based applications targeting the logistics sector for  improving the delivery process over the last kilometre. The system is based on the mutual sharing of the carrier’s and the customer’s geographical positions over a short time period.

The main challenges addressed by the project are:

  • Seamless reliable geolocalisation 
  • Saving of the smartphone battery
  • Continuous service irrespective of the level of demand
  • Low operating costs for an increased profitability
  • Social acceptance

 Three complementary regional key players have joined their forces and expertise for achieving these objectives:

  • JOUL: young innovative enterprise expert in geolocated data sharing
  • IDEA Logistics: SME, key player in industrial logistics
  • GEOLOC laboratory

Main outcomes

  • Commercial: thanks to an appealing and essential product for potential customers in the transports and logistics sectors in order to decrease their operating costs
  • Scientific: by pushing the limits of existing state of the art on smartphone based indoor/outdoor geolocalisation systems and methods for general public


Contact: Valérie Renaudin -