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LabCom inmob

The team of the Geoloc Laboratory of the Gustave Eiffel University has partnered with the company Okeenea Digital in inmob, a "LabCom" dedicated to the mobility of people with disabilities.


To imagine and develop a navigation adapted to the handicap

The LabCom inmob will allow the creation and sharing of theoretical and experimental skills in order to meet the challenges and needs of new mobility services.

The LabCom relies on two structures with a strong experience in geolocation of people. The Okeenea group, leader in accessibility in France for 30 years, and the GEOLOC laboratory of the Gustave Eiffel University, with a wide range of skills in the design and programming of beacon-free geolocation algorithms.

The inmob research and innovation program relies on Okeenea's users and GEOLOC's test facilities to carry out experiments in real mobility conditions and to collect the data necessary for the algorithms to calculate positioning in space.

The data will be used to build personalized mobility models for each type of disability. The testers will be placed in controlled environments and in real conditions.

The last axis of the project aims at improving the user experience with guidance applications.



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