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GNSS on Android

European GNSS Raw Measurements Task Force on Android Device

Since the opening of access to GNSS raw measurements on Android (Nougat version and higher), the GSA has launched the GNSS raw measurements working group to pool the work of the main navigation and positioning experts and to stimulate innovation around this new functionality. GEOLOC joined the Task Force as soon as it was created in June 2017.

This group aims to share knowledge and expertise on Android raw measurements and their use, including high-precision positioning techniques. The Task Force includes GNSS experts, scientists and GNSS market players, and promotes the wider use of these raw measurements.

New smartphones, starting with Android 7.0, allow developers of smartphone applications direct access to GNSS raw measurements. This is a unique opportunity to access not only pseudo-distance, Doppler and carrier phase measurements, but also to propose new strategies for calculating position, velocity and time (PVT).

GEOLOC has developed a first application called GeolocPVT under Android whose open-source codes and documentation are available on this site.


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