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ICHASE is a EC funded project lead by Thales Alenia Space, meaning Integrity Complemeting High Accuracy Service via EGNSS.
The ICHASE project assess feasibility and added-value for EGNSS systems and services evolutions to meet the target performances for autonomous vehicles, leveraging on:

  • GNSS as a source for absolute  positioning, obviously complemented by other non-GNSS technologies
  • The Galileo foreseen HAS service, over the E6 band, as a precise positioning service,
  • The EGNOS SoL ready infrastructure, as an enabler for the introduction of a new integrity service complementing high accuracy for SoL applications,

- Non GNSS

  •  Additional enabling technologies for positioning in harsh environments (like non-GNSS positioning sensors, threats detection and mitigation technologies, in addition to GNSS positioning).

The foreseen developments target a twofold objective:
- Definition of an integrity concept customised to an autonomous vehicle for road,  particularly considering the various constrained environments applicable to these applications (e.g. urban environments).
- Definition of EGNSS service(s) in the 2030+ timeframe, which will efficiently support these applications, providing the necessary commitments on EGNOS (and Galileo) new messages used in such an integrity concept.

All of the ICHASE developments build on a fully established fact, where no single solution or positioning source can answer all of the needs raised by autonomous vehicles.


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