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Geolocation of travelers

ULISS : A smart device for research on indoor/outdoor positioning and navigation methods

ULISS (Ubiquitous Localization with Inertial Sensors and Satellites) is a lightweight handheld device dedicated to research on geolocalisation solutions for travelers.

It records signals from several sensors, i.e. inertial/magnetic sensors and GNSS receiver, in all environmental and experimental conditions, both indoors and outdoors. ULISS supports the development and improvement of novel ubiquitous geolocalisation algorithms based on the signals commonlly recorded by smart connected objects.

Components and characteristics

ULISS is small and light (< 200 g) and is composed of:

  • Multi-constellation and multi-frequency GNSS receiver u-blox F9P
  • Inertial unit Xsens Mti7, sampling frequency 200 Hz :
    • Triaxial accelerometer
    • Triaxial gyroscope
    • Triaxial magnetometer
    • Pressure
    • Temperature
  • SD card
  • Battery
  • Onboard computing unit

PERSY : Indoor/outdoor pedestrians's reference trajectory

PERSY (Pedestrian Reference System) aims at computing reference trajectories of indoor/outdoor pedestrians’ foothpaths. It is rigidly attached to the foot and hybridizes all signals from the multi-sensors platform with a “strapdown” mechanization. The signals are GNSS raw data, inertial and magnetic measurements. The sensors are of higher grade and the fusion process integrates more accurate state vector estimation assisted by biomechanical gait features.

Components and characteristics

PERSY is small and light (< 200 g) and is composed of:

  • STIM300 (Sensonor), sampling frequency 160 Hz :
    • Triaxial accelerometer
    • Triaxial gyroscope
  • HMC5983 (Honeywell), sampling frequency 160 Hz :
    • Triaxial magnetometer
  • NEO-M8T (Ublox)
    • GNSS receiver: single-frequency, dual-constellation (5 Hz)
  • SD card
  • Battery (life: 4 hours)


Gyrometer drift: 0,5°/h

Accuracy: 0.3% of the traveled distance (state of the art: 1-2 %)

PERSY demonstration video